Our Work Plan

There are three phases for our work plan for the next eight months. This period coincides with our participation in the NGI ESSIF-Lab Second Business-oriented Open Call (BOC2). At the end of this work plan we’re aiming to have a working implementation of Co-operative Credentials live in 3 to 5 use cases.

Consultation - October 2021 to February 2022

From October to February we’ll be focusing on refining the concept through consultations with other co-operatives, industry bodies, infrastructure providers and other stakeholders via our online community. We’ll also be engaging with existing consultation structures, in particular the W3C Credentials Community Group, and potentially via co-op credentials sub-group similar to Verifiable Credentials for Education Use Cases.

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Definition - January 2021 to March 2022

We’re aiming to release the first draft definition of a co-operative credential by February 2022. The goal is to have sufficient input from the relevant stakeholders in the consultation phase to be able to release v0.1 of the credential for trial use. The definition phase will also evaluate options for the initial issuer and verifier of the co-operative credential, which could either be CoopCreds itself, or another co-operative industry body.

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Implementation - March 2021 to June 2021

The last phase of our project will be focused on studying the viability and implementation scenarios for one or more use cases of CoopCreds. Each co-operative will add support to recognise the presentation of a verifiable co-operative credential, and provide membership and associated benefits to the holder. We’ll also be implementing the issuance and verification of the credential via the designated issuer and verifier.

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