Our Solution

In response to the three interconnected problems described in Problems We’re Tackling, FairBnB.coop, Resonate and Pavilion are working on Co-operative Credentials, a Verifiable Credentials backed common co-operative membership. We think that the verifiable credentials standard holds to the key to realising Co-operative Principle 6, specifically: reducing KYC costs within and between co-operatives, increasing cross-selling between co-operatives and supporting de-centralised identity management.

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A Partnership of Co-operatives

Co-op Credentials is a common co-operative membership implemented through Verifiable Credentials and co-founded by three platform co-operatives: FairBnB.coop, a sustainable vacation rental platform, Pavilion, a software provider for online communities and Resonate, a community-owned music network. We have real-world experience of the problems laid out in Problems We’re Tackling, know they are common across the co-operative sector.

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Testing Use Cases

The first eight months of our partnership is being supported by NGI ESSIF-Lab to test a use cases for Verifiable Credentials in the co-operative sector. At the end of our current work plan we aim to have a working prototype of co-op credentials, being used within one of our ecosystem models, demonstrating from three to five use cases. We will use existing verifiable credentials solutions, including our Discourse Verifiable Credentials plugin.

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Establishing a Standard

While Co-operative Credentials is being built and tested, we’re also collaborating with other co-operatives and relevant stakeholders to expand Co-op Credentials to the wider co-operative ecosystem. We’re aiming to make Co-operative Credentials a standard within the co-operative sector. To that end we’ve set-up a community to discuss the standard and the ecosystem models that may be used to implement it. We have also established a sub-committee of the W3C Credentials Community Group for the same purpose, and plan to facilitate that committee via our online community.

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